Meet our Leeds City Ambassador!

We’re introducing City Ambassadors to TableCrowd, people who are deeply passionate about entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and new business and want to bring TableCrowd closer to their community.

We are very excited to be in Leeds – thanks to Kuljit Jagpal! Read on to find out more about her and her reasons to join us on our mission…


Explain what you do in a sentence?

I am the founder of an online marketplace called Desi High Street that connects customers with retailers who sell South Asian products.


What were you doing before your current role?

I was previously a Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy, Senior Admissions Tutor and a Team Leader at University. My background is very varied from being a pharmacist to retail management to HR to student recruitment. Each of my roles has usually had operations, business development, and management focus.


What’s your biggest hindsight moment?

I have had a number of those in the last few years. They have all had one thing in common and it’s my biggest learning to date, which is that in hindsight I need to always trust my gut instinct over anything else. 


What will the next year bring?

Love, light, health, happiness, and success of course! After testing the market with the MVP, I will be launching Desi High Street and building my team.


One piece of advice for someone starting your in your sector?

Build your mentoring and support network and gain access to a business accelerator if you can.


What are your favourite businesses in your sector?

My sector is quite a niche as it involves international products from South Asia. I love marketplace business models and I have a few that I really admire, Not On The High Street, Wahanda and Amazon are top of my list!


Why are you passionate about building TableCrowd’s Leeds Community?

I absolutely love attending TableCrowd events and would often travel to London to attend them. The Leeds networking environment has your usual mix of events but it can be difficult to truly network in huge groups or even be able to ask a question of the main speaker. I loved my TableCrowd experience and I’m looking forward to enabling diners in Leeds to experience the same.


What’s your favourite Leeds restaurant?

Leeds has a growing restaurant industry, there are too many amazing restaurants to choose from. But currently, I’m really loving Tattu, it’s got a beautiful decor and vibe to it, the menu if impossible to choose from and the cocktails are divine!




Meet Kuljit at our Leeds dinners:

Dine with founder of Pure Gym >> launching, scaling and selling, a British business success story


Dine with Martin Avison, Founder at Angel Groups >> Raising investment through angel investors




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