Building a life and a business, together – introducing our new partners: Couplepreneurs

When Patricia Bacon opened her consultancy in 2015 to help companies to scale, she couldn’t have imagined what it would lead to. Unintentionally, she started attracting couples – people who were together in love…and in business!

Inspired by how ‘all-in’ they are, the strength of their relationships, and what they were achieving together led her to founding Couplepreneurs – a global community for this growing economic segment.

There are thousands of Couplepreneurs in the UK, millions globally, in all sectors and at all life stages. But it is still a part of the economy that is somewhat unknown and undiscovered.

The mission of the Couplepreneurs community is to create fame and knowledge of the emerging, dynamic, innovative and authentic community of existing and aspiring couplepreneurs. To share and inspire their life brand journeys with each other and the wider world.

The TableCrowd team is so excited to join them in sharing their stories. Here’s what Patricia has to say about our upcoming dinners:

Patricia Bacon, founder of Couplepreneurs


“Having sampled a recent dinner with TableCrowd it was such an enjoyable night where I met inspiring business owners, gained great insight from an experienced speaker and dined in a fabulous setting where everyone was so open, warm and engaged. I’m so looking to partnering with the team at TableCrowd and enabling our community to experience this. Kicking off the dinners with Lara and Charlie Morgan talking feels like the perfect way to start this – everyone is in for a real treat as Lara and Charlie tell their story with love, warmth, humility, humour and so much more. There will be so many learnings and tips to take away for any business owner irrespective of the size and stage and lots of new contacts to be made. I’m very excited to see this happen.”

Listen to Lara & Charlie on the “Between the Spreadsheets” podcast here.


Join Patricia for our first Couplepreneurs dinner:

Dine with couplepreneurs (founders) of Pacific Directscaling the business globally and exiting for £20m



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