My Favourite 2019 TableCrowd things

I had planned to look back on the year gone by last month, but in tune with how the whole of my 2019 felt, time escaped me! Here are five of my favourite 2019 TableCrowd things…

1. Our dinner hosts

The loyalty, dedication and passion shown by our team of five hosts, Claire, Josie, Aneka, Sanji and Arit. Arriving directly from their day jobs, they turn up to dinner full of energy and expertly take care of every detail. From introducing guests into the room, last-minute table plans, managing the Q&A and taking care of our valued speakers. TableCrowd would not be what it is without them.

2. TableCrowd Talent

We hire for startups and help find our members their perfect role. It’s the ideal way to support our members as they grow their businesses. We hire for marketing, sales, operations, finance, development and design roles at junior, mid, senior and C-suite level. It’s been highly rewarding to place someone in their dream job. I’m looking forward to supporting more of our members this year.

3. Meaningful connections

I love hearing from our members on how someone they met at dinner has led to something meaningful. Our members have made connections that have led to new jobs, finding advisors or clients, receiving investment, new friendships or partnerships, as well as learning a thing or two! Please keep sharing this good stuff, it’s our raison d’être.

4. Our Ambassador dinners

I’ve loved meeting our Ambassadors over dinner and finding out more about them. TableCrowd has 12 Ambassadors, each passionate about their sector. From fashion to pet tech, from HR tech to property, from finance to sustainability, from future tech to Govtech, from food & drink to health & wellness, from parent tech to our women-only series, this wonderful bunch has allowed us to spread our wings even further, inviting the most relevant speakers to join and having an ear to the ground for us on the best topics.

5. Meeting new people at dinner

I still love going to TableCrowd as a guest. I have 100s of dinners under my belt but each time I attend, I still meet someone interesting, learn something new and head home with a full tummy and happy heart.

I’m looking forward to more plans for 2020! 🙂


Check out our dinner menu and join ushere!


Post by Kate Jackson
Founder at TableCrowd


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