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Feeling the cold? As winter draws in, TableCrowd HQ has been working hard to create more opportunities for you to warm up and meet amazing people, over dinner…


Finance | Dine with PensionBee | November 5th – we start off on the night of fireworks and bonfires! Jonathan Lister Parsons is the CTO and co-founder of PensionBee. As one of the founders responsible for the phenomenal growth of this innovative platform, Jonathan is the man you want to hear from – he’ll be sharing all on key “Beehive” milestone stories, including scaling beyond 100,000 customers. Read more about it here.

Property | Dine with PILabs | November 6th – we are joined by Esha Vatsa and Raya Yunakova, whose combined experience is invaluable for anyone wanting to hear more about what Pi Labs look for while looking at investment opportunities and how to successfully pitch to a VC, as well as future tech trends impacting the property and real estate sectors. They will also be sharing details of the pre-seed programme Pi Labs run annually for 5-6 very early stage businesses. Read more here.

Marketing | Dine with Forbes | November 7th – an award-winning editorbroadcaster and leading voice on technology, as well as a regular contributor to BBC News, Sky, CNN and CNBC – Alex Wood, joined Forbes as their Europe editor just last February following 10 years in the media and publishing industry. If you want to hear more about getting media coverage for your business, including the do’s and don’ts of contacting a journalist AND what makes a good storythis is the dinner for you.

Tech Stories | Cavendish Corporate Finance | November 12th – featuring Xenia Ilyasova who, having worked on corporate transactions in the past, knows well where the focus of prospective buyers and their acquisition teams is. If you’re raising investment for your business, investors will expect to see a viable exit strategy at the outset, so it’s important to understand the options and to get it right. Xenia will take you through all the options, having a realistic exit strategy for your business, what can go wrong (with examples!) and more. Find more here.

Fundraising | Matus Maar, Talis Capital | November 13th Matus is someone who has a view of both sides of the table – he’s an experienced entrepreneur as well as a venture capital investor. Matus enjoys early-stage investing, working closely with the entrepreneurs and has led or closed over 50 private equity and venture capital deals. If you’re looking to learn more about getting your pitch and deck right, the characteristics of winning teams and founders and how to reach out to and be seen by investors – this is the dinner for you.

Tech Stories | Dine with Perkbox | November 14th – Chieu is the co-founder of a company with a mission to improve the relationships businesses develop with their teams, with the aim of educating the marketplace about the power of creating a great company culture. If you want to hear more on creating and maintaining a great company culture as you create a fast-growing business and what to look for in people that can scale with your business – this is the dinner for you.

Fundraising | Connect Ventures | November 19th Fundraising? Join us for dinner with Bill Earner, Managing Partner at a leading venture capital firm, Connect Ventures. With his 12 years in venture capital and start-ups, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience investing in early-stage technology startups. If you are looking to learn more about common mistakes start-ups make when looking for an investment (and how to avoid them), how to value your business and more on what Connect Ventures look for – this is the dinner for you.

Fashion | Dine with Tiger Heart | November 20th – we’re moving from fundraising and into fashion! Sanj Surati has been in the digital and technology business since 1998, starting with the music industry and moving into fashion. Having worked with, and brokered exciting initiatives with, some of the biggest brands in the world he’s perfectly placed to talk about tech shaping fashion and luxury industries, top tips for success in the sector and key lessons from working with some of the biggest brands in the world! Find out more here.

Parent-tech | Azoome & Bounty | November 20th – we’ll introduce you to Douglas Lloyd, CEO & Founder of Azoomee and non-exec director at Bounty – the UK’s leading multi-channel, pregnancy and new parent club. His current, award-winning business, Azoomee, a fun learning service for children aged 5-10 that combines activities, games, videos and safe chat in one app has raised $7.5m to date. If you’re looking to learn more about growing a business in this sector, commercial options available to you and how the sector embraces technologythis is the dinner for you.

Fundraising | Dine with Draper Esprit | November 26th – as the investment Director at one of the largest, leading and innovative VC firms in Europe, Vinoth Jayakumar is excited for the future of finance, fintech, proptech, cybersecurity, and is keen to find companies who will transform established concepts like credit and insurance. You’ll learn more about Draper Esprit investment strategy, how to successfully pitch to a VC and why an extraordinary team is SO important – if that’s relevant to you, read more here. 

Women | Dine with IT Job Board | November 27th – we end the month with a ladies-only dinner (sorry guys!). If there’s anyone who knows how to build a phenomenally successful business – and how to negotiate a good sale deal for it as well as work out your earn-out – it’s Alex Farrell. When she’s not raising £700k in seed investments for her new co-founded startup Gift Wink, she also sits on the board of various other start-ups. With a wealth knowledge and experience in business strategy, revenue generation, digital marketing and more, she’ll be sharing it all from taking your startup through to a successful exit, formulating and executing your exit strategy and what’s next after the exit? Find out more here.


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