Introducing our Health & Wellness Ambassador!

We’re introducing Ambassadors to TableCrowd, who are passionate about their sector or industry.

This means there will be someone with their ear on the ground on the most interesting speakers, as well as a face you’ll recognise at every dinner for that industry. Find out more about Ambassadors here and here.

Our Health and Wellness Ambassador is Joel Burgess, founder and CEO of Nutrifix – an app that puts healthy on your map, helping you navigate to the very best places to eat. Let’s find out more about Joel….


Explain what you do in a sentence?

I am the founder and CEO of Nutrifix – a corporate wellness platform that empowers businesses and their employees to be healthier and more productive, by delivering personalised healthy food from restaurants nearby.


What were you doing before your current role?

I was working for Alshaya, one of the world’s largest franchisees, as head of property in the UK. The last project I was working on was launching Shake Shack in London. So I’ve effectively gone from fattening the city up to making it a mission to make it healthier… needless to say, I’m a lot happier now I’m working on a passion!


What’s your biggest hindsight moment?

I can’t think of a single moment, but I do wish I had made the move to working for myself in the health and wellness space sooner. I was so caught up in making money and climbing the corporate ladder, that I didn’t stop to think if it was making me happy. Aligning work with my passion and purpose has changed everything, and without trying to sound too cliche – work really doesn’t feel like work anymore!


What will the next year bring?

The coming year is going to be a biggie – in particular the next few months… at Nutrifix we are launching our product in June, which I have timed the week after I get married!


One piece of advice for someone starting out in your sector?

Always remember it all starts with your own health. It’s all too easy to neglect your health when building a business, but you can’t serve from an empty vessel.


What are your favourite businesses in your sector?

I think companies like FIIT are doing awesome things in making fitness more accessible for everyone, and are very much aligned with our own mission.

I am also really excited about the advancements in technology and how we can harness the data we can capture on ourselves to supercharge our performance and health. Companies like Whoop and Oura are some to watch.


Why are you passionate about building TableCrowd’s Health and Wellness community?

Beyond spreading my passion for health and fitness, I am seriously excited about meeting all the awesome people doing incredible things within the Health and wellness market. Which is now one of the fastest growing markets in the world – so there are so many opportunities within the market and it excites me what building a community within the sector could bring.


What’s your favourite London restaurant?

Hoppers on Frith Street – I simply love Sri Lankan food!



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