First time diner!

Can’t quite make up your mind about TableCrowd?
Not sure what to expect? This one is for you.


We’ve met Mary a couple of times now, and this is what she had to say about her very first experience…

“Good speakers, good conversation and good food – that was the expectation of my first TableCrowd dinner, and it did not disappoint! With the help of our knowledgeable host Josie, our evening was insightful and the intimate atmosphere meant that I had a chance to make meaningful connections with at least half the room.

The event kicked off with a 60-second self-introduction from all attendees – this overcame the repetitive¬†‘so, what do you do?’ questions and allowed for a conversation to flow naturally from the curiosity of someone else’s idea. What I loved was the mix between seasoned entrepreneurs and first-time starters, and the high levels of engagement and conversations: we would make suggestions on each other’s businesses and those alternative points of view were invaluable.

Before mains were served, the speaker gave a 20-30 minute talk on their chosen topic. For my TableCrowd, this was on securing media coverage for your business, by a senior reporter at Sifted, Amy Lewin. Amy ran through topics such as what makes an interesting story, journalists’ pet peeves and how to structure a press release – elucidating, interesting and providing practical steps that I could follow. There was also a chance for Q&A which lasted for much longer than the planned 30 minutes, as we all had burning questions that our speaker and host would answer in details and with great clarity.

In all, my first TableCrowd fed my mind as well as my body and I’ll definitely be back for seconds!”


Mary, we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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