Ready for some pawesome fun? London Dog week is coming!

Aneka, our very own Pet Industry Ambassador and Host (you can get to know her here) tells us all about her new venture – London Dog Week! To say we’re excited for her would be an understatement!


Hello, I’m Aneka! I host TableCrowd dinners by night – and totally barking mad by day, while I run Doggy Cafe.

If you meet me at one of my TableCrowd dinners, you will soon learn that I’m passionate about pooches and if you also have a dog, we’ll be exchanging photos of our fur babies by the end of the evening.

So recently I co-founded London Dog Week, which, as it turns out, is also to be the world’s first dedicated dog week! It starts on Sunday 24th March, kicking off with events celebrating paw-renthood! A fur baby-mama alternative to mother’s day and a sausage dog event with FIFTY sausage dogs running around! 


Thank you Instagram!

Before entering the dog world, I wasn’t much of an Instagram user. But let me tell you – that changed completely last year when I embarked on my first business venture!

Doggy Cafe was where I posted all our doggy therapy workplace visits (The Cuddle Club) and realised how much love dogs get on the platform. Before you know it,  was down the Instagram rabbit hole discovering cool brands and fellow dedicated dog-parents. I wasn’t alone! 

This is where I also came across Lois Mallett-Walker, who set up the UK’s first pets influencer agency – so I reached out and said we should meet. A few months later, we got together and instantly clicked over canine chatter and a bowl of soup. One thing led to another and this is how London Dog Week was founded. 

We’re both really keen to promote the positive influence dogs have on people’s mental and physical health. Dogs are such people magnets and have the power to help Londoners connect. Complete strangers chatting with each other, battling loneliness – it’s what London needs. 

Lois and I had a very clear idea – we wanted a week of great events that had a good balance of wellbeing, learning and very over-the-top pooch parties! This is exactly what the London Dog Week is. From doggie fashion shows, office dog MOT’s, to the takeover at Urban Food Fest in Shoreditch, and lots more! 


Championing the business of pets.

The pet industry is really growing, from PetTech companies to luxury fashion lines for dogs, the industry is amazing and part of our mission at London Dog Week is to champion this sector and bark on about how awesome it is. Being a host and Ambassador at TableCrowd, I have come across some awesome people in this space – and just to name a few: the dynamic pet food duo Aneisha and Jack, founders of Scrumbles; Andrew Nowell, founder of PitPat who is helping pet parents keep track of their dogs health and fitness; Arek Adeoye, founder and CTO of PetPond, software company with a booking system dedicated to the pets industry and Sam Worthy, co-founder of Tailwise who help you find responsible dog breeders.

I could do a whole blog just on the brands in the pets industry, there’s so much good stuff happening.


Mental health.

Back in 2016, my mental health suffered due to an illness. This is when I got my first dog, my pride and joy, Chubbs. We have been inseparable ever since and he helped me so much in overcoming health challenges. From depression, stress and anxiety, I truly believe dog therapy is the future and this is one of the core missions of London Dog Week – spreading the word of dog therapy far and wide across London and further.

I would LOVE to hear from anyone who is interested in the pet industry space or has a story to share around dogs and mental health.

And here’s an interesting fact – the TableCrowd ladies are serious dog lovers and we meet every couple of months for a dog walk! 


I hope to see our TableCrowd Community members at London Dog Week and at one of our Cuddle Clubs! 


Follow on Instagram and get involved:
Chubbs, Aneka’s pup
London Dog Week official
Doggy Cafe
Credits: Lloyd, part of the London Dog Week Crew
Extraordinary photos by Oliver George Photography


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