Introducing TableCrowd’s Future Tech Ambassador!

We’re introducing Ambassadors to TableCrowd, who are passionate about their sector or industry.

This means there will be someone with their ear on the ground on the most interesting speakers, as well as a face you’ll recognise at every dinner for that industry. Find out more about Ambassadors here and here. Our Future Tech Ambassador is Ariane Bouché – we asked her a few questions so you can get to know her better….


Explain what you do in a sentence?

I am helping to get fintech startup Stepex up and rolling: currently awaiting final FCA approval, Stepex proposes an alternative to student loans called Human Capital Contracts, having financial institutions provide the cash upfront for higher education qualification in exchange for a share of students’ future income.


What were you doing before your current role?

I was managing a community of founders.


What’s your biggest hindsight moment?

Judge how worthy of attention a startup is by its business plan — not the charisma of its founder.


What will the next year bring?

I’ll be joining the founders of a company I really believe in — setting up the environment for myself, my team and hopefully many students to reach their potential!


One piece of advice for someone starting out in your sector?

Network: all the cool opportunities I have had have come through my contacts and have inspired me to ask more from my life and career.


What are your favourite businesses in your sector – not including your own!

Big shoutout to Vestpod — women in finance business/community founded by the incredible Emilie Bellet. I never would have pictured myself in finance but she made me see how interesting, impactful and fun this sector can be.


Why are you passionate about building TableCrowd’s community?

Tech has impacted my life more than politics. Bringing people together who are going to be shaping the future with all of us who are going to be living in it to discuss what that should look like is incredibly exciting. These dinners aren’t just about discussing the future, they definitely impact ours, as events are a great place to make friends as well as business connections — the things which truly shape our lives.


What’s your favourite London restaurant?

I love Bourne & Hollingsworth — I have hosted a couple of events there and it’s also where I had my graduation dinner.


Meet Ariane at her very first TableCrowd dinner:

Dine with Founding Member of a $500m blockchain ICO >> the future of technology within the entertainment industry


Hungry for more? See what else is on the menu!



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