Introducing Drahim Hasula, TableCrowd’s Property Ambassador

We’re introducing Ambassadors to TableCrowd, who are passionate about their sector or industry.

This means there will be someone with their ear on the ground on the most interesting speakers, as well as a face you’ll recognise at every dinner for that industry. Find out more about Ambassadors here and here. Our Property Ambassador is Drahim Hasula – we asked him a few questions so you can get to know him better….


Explain what you do in a sentence!

I’m a co-founder and the CEO of Inadash.


What were you doing before your current role?
Over my teenage years, I worked my way up the ladder to become one of the youngest managers at a supermarket chain. After many years, I eventually decided to take a career break and travel through Europe.
On my return, it was clear that I needed a change in career and went on to work in the world of Residential property. I started at a small letting agency in London and assisted its growth over a number of years whilst achieving multiple promotions and eventually becoming the MD.
It is during this time that my co-founder (originally the ex-director of the letting agency) introduced me to the brilliant idea that today is called Inadash.


What’s your biggest ‘hindsight’ moment?

I had an idea that I was waiting for the right time to pursue about 8 years ago. If you don’t do it, someone else will. Don’t wait, just do it!


What will the next year bring?

2019 is the year of pure Growth and Success!


One piece of advice for someone starting out in your sector?

Make sure you’re ready to work 7 days per week, 365 days per year. If you want to venture into Property, please carry out plenty of research before spending any money, especially if you aren’t from a tech background.

Speak to and learn from the good people that can demonstrate they have a good amount of success behind them in that sector.

When hiring, hire great people! Individuals that have knowledge, energy and drive similar to yours but in their own departments. Never compromise on the quality of the hire because of the price!

Your CTO and CMO should be extremely talented, knowledgeable and energetic individuals that believe in your idea and mission. They will help you drive it forward and succeed….or fail.


What are your favourite businesses in your sector, not including your own?

Property is very hot right now. Due to the vast amount of new ideas, innovation and startups that have been founded over the last few years, there is too many to mention.


Why are you passionate about building TableCrowd’s PropTech community?

I’ve personally learned a lot from attending TableCrowd events and want to be able to give back some of that knowledge I have gained over the last few years as well help other entrepreneurs connect with my network of successful influencers within Property.


What’s your favourite London restaurant?

I love food and food loves me back! I’m always out, trying new restaurants. However, I just can’t seem to find another place that can match up to my all time 3 favourites:

Lokkum is always first on my list as a venue to enjoy cocktails and dine with family and friends.
Goodmans is a clear choice for all team events and business meetings. I have never gone wrong when taking a client to Goodmans!
Beast in Mayfair is the ultimate choice of high-end restaurants for the occasions when I feel like spoiling myself.



Interested in finding out more about the Property sector? Join Drahim for dinner:


Dine with NED of The Property Ombudsman & Chair of Industry Forum >> What property professionals should do to thrive in 2019


See what else we have on our menu >> Visit our website



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