#BusinessSpotlight on…Room Club – the one-stop portal for relocation in UK!

We love meeting new people, learning about how they started and where they’re going. We first met Samuele at our dinner with Pi Labs, back in November 2018.

With their last decade spent on improving the condition and practices of shared accommodation in London and UK, the team is aiming to do the same for something even bigger – the job market! Read on to find out more about them…


Explain your business in one sentence!

Room Club helps over 5 million landlords and tenants in the UK to let, rent or manage any kind of shared accommodation, avoiding excessive fees and management hassles.


What were you doing before you launched your business?

The business was launched in 2009, so it’s been a while! I used to work as a software developer, both in Italy (where I’m from) and the UK, for well-known brands such as Intesa SanPaolo, Generali Group, and CSC/DXC. I’ve always had a keen eye for what software can do to make lives better, and this is also within the spirit of Room Club.


If you have business partners, where did you meet them?

I don’t have a business partner at the moment, however, I work very closely with my COO, who started 4 years ago as an assistant manager – I am bringing him up so he doesn’t get mad at me!


What’s your biggest “hindsight” moment?

My biggest hindsight in business must be not focusing enough on networking. My passion has always revolved around creating new products and running smooth operations, however, I was often avoiding tedious meetings, social events and keeping in touch with business partners. That has been a big mistake because actually, it is only through networking that you can keep your business growing year over year.


What will the next year bring?

Well, you can’t talk about next year without mentioning Brexit. Pretty much everyone I meet is scared, as it’s really human to be afraid of what we don’t know. I believe that strong players will soldier on and keep thriving, even though it will be a new learning curve. Unfortunately, a good number of honest and hard-working businesses who normally get by will have a very hard time, I am expecting a lot of Companies to fold in the aftermath of Brexit. That’s sad, really – but I also think that many unstable and unreliable organisations will be cleared away, leaving space for the more trustworthy subjects.


Give us one piece of advice for someone starting a business in your sector?

Be a people person! I will always promote and encourage the use of software and technology in any business, but at the end of the day, Property is a sector made of people. You can not understand your customers if you haven’t walked in their shoes or if you don’t really listen to them, so it’s always paramount to communicate effectively with everyone.


Can you convince us to use your service in less than 50 words?

We bring the features of Airbnb and OpenTable to the accommodation market: we have built a unique range of solutions that rely on both technology AND people – whether you are a tenant, a landlord or an agent, Room Club will definitely make your life easier!


What’s your favourite business in your sector – not including your own!

Our business puts together two things that have always been done separately: am I allowed two nominations? I personally like Arthur Online when it comes to management software, and for the more ‘traditional’ letting business I really like London Shared – they even have a dog in their office!


Tell us about your TableCrowd experiences!

I recently had my first dinner and I absolutely loved it! I think the idea behind it is fantastic. I had the opportunity of sharing a nice dinner with an energetic group of like-minded people who I am still in touch with almost daily. This is way better than the traditional (and often fruitless) networking events or seminars and it has an enormous potential for everyone involved. I can’t wait for my next one!


What’s your favourite London restaurant?

Hakkasan. If you haven’t been, you are missing out!


Connect with Samuele on TableCrowd!


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