Dinner with Forward Partners #AfterDinnerRoundup by Victoria Burlacu of Faber Novella

We love hearing first hand from our members about their experiences at our dinners. It helps us do better – and it gives a useful insight into the experience for people thinking about dining with us. Great to hear from regular diner, Victoria Burlacu, founder of Faber Novella….


“There are so many events taking place in London that networking can easily turn into a full-time job. While I am a great believer in the power of networking, as an entrepreneur I quickly understood that I needed to be focused and disciplined if I wanted to benefit from networking and make relevant connections.

I first went to a TableCrowd dinner over a year ago. And since then I attended 4 events. What I like about the TableCrowd events is that the team works hard on bringing high quality speakers that are relevant for entrepreneurs, and that otherwise are difficult to get hold of. TableCrowd gives you the chance to meet in person that investor or journalist that never replied to your emails. And nothing beats that in person introduction or pitch.

The fact that each event is highly curated and concentrates on a specific industry or functional expertise fits perfectly with the focused approach I am taking when it comes to networking. As we are preparing to fund-raise soon, attending a networking dinner with Matt from Forward Partners was definitely a not to be missed event. It was a great opportunity to learn about Forward Partners’ unique approach to start-up investing, do’s and don’t when fund-raising. Matt provided the group with several insights from the VC world and how to think like from an investor’s perspective. Besides having the chance to pitch to Matt’s and have his valuable feedback in an informal and relaxed setting, it was great connecting to other entrepreneurs building exciting fashion tech business.

Another successful networking event by the TC team!”

By Victoria Burlacu, founder of Faber Novella, on-line atelier for premium quality Italian-made customisable shoes.

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