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We have been very busy at TableCrowd HQ – same old! An update on what’s been going on with the project and the team.

I signed up to TechBikers and joined 70+ other techies in cycling from Paris to London. It was 3-day memorable adventure. You can see my full write-up about the experience on Tech City Insider.

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In order to feel like a fully-fledged ‘techie’ for the TechBikers adventure, I finally dabbled in a bit of coding with Makers Academy. It was a ‘build a website in a weekend’ course in aid of TechBiker’s Charity, Room to Read. You can see what I made here, it is without a doubt, an asset to the web.

The Startup Leadership Program started, and from 1000’s we were selected to take part in the 6-month course, which covers all stages of business, with expert speakers at each session, sharing their wisdom. I teamed up with Andres Sanchez of, to run a session on business pitching, with an experienced panel judging the startups.

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We had 2 “meet and eats” booked in this month at Google Campus. The first we partnered with Eyedea to run an ecommerce dinner, with guest speaker Emma Watkinson from SilkFred and the second, we ran a “Tales from the Trenches” dinner in honour of Social Media Week, with Ruth Barnett (SwiftKey), Zoe Arch (CraftCandy) and WenLin Soh (Edible Experiences) sharing their experiences. Thanks to sponsors Taylor Wessing and nerv for their continued support.

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London law firm Chadbourne invited us to join their table for the annual AIM markets awards, a black-tie sit down dinner for 1,200 people at Old Billingsgate. Rob Bryant was the very entertaining entertainment! If you think the male/female ratio for women in tech is skewed, this took it to another level.

We headed over Reuters in Canary Wharf bright and early to take part in “Reuters on the Road”, an online video series filmed and produced by Reuters to follow London startups. The interview takes place in a black cab as it loops Canary Wharf. The edit should be out soon.

If you haven’t joined us for dinner yet, why not come and along and try out TableCrowd. Have a look at upcoming dinners here.

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