Startup Diaries: Back To London Town

Sunday. Fresh off the plane from a very successful trip to San Francisco and NYC and headed straight to the SilkFred sample sale in Brick Lane. SilkFred is the online destination for emerging fashion designers and CEO & Founder Emma Watkinson has hosted a few TableCrowd fashion tables. It was a buzzy event packed out with designers and shoppers.

Monday. (Jetlagged). No rest for the wicked. Before my trip, I bagged a demo slot at Tech Meetups demo and drinks event (#tmudrinks) at Google Campus so tried my hand at pitching and fielding questions with jetlag. It went well.

I went straight from this pitch to a TableCrowd Startup Engine Dinner at Chico Bandito. This week we were joined by Chris Bradley, the Suitcase Startup. Chris is filming his journey as he takes his startup, Publicate, from his bedroom in North Wales to London, with no money, no accommodation and no office. Chris booked to crash on my sofa after our TableCrowd dinner via Startup Stay. Chris is featuring the startups that he stays with in his fly-on-the-wall-documentary, so we did an interview at the restaurant after the meal.

Wednesday. (Still jetlagged). Meeting confirmed with a venture capital firm in Paris, so booked the Eurostar tickets. Hosted a TableCrowd dinner ‘Make The Move – Leave The City‘ at Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen for professionals looking to leave the City. Met some really interesting diners, including Cali Bird, author of ‘Don’t Give Up Your Day Job’ who is hosting a table of her own on this very topic in a few weeks time.

Friday. (Jetlag not gone). Back to back meetings all day and sandwiched between them I hosted a ‘feedback’ lunch at Red Dog Saloon set up for attendees of Tech Meetup’s demo event earlier this week. I wanted people to try the site and offer feedback based on the actual experience, not just the info I shared in my presentation. Very useful info – and good burgers.

It’s the Weekend! (Still not over the jetlag, bored now). Bonjour Paris! Without having chance to unpack from the US trip, headed to Paris in preparation for Monday’s VC meeting. Used Airbnb again to grab some bargain digs and found time to check out the Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and to sample some great steak!

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