Winging it in Brick Lane

We had some tickets for the ‘Tent and Super Brands London’ exhibition a couple of weeks back and for some crazy reason we headed down to Brick Lane a week prior to the actual exhibition. We were on top of the Old Truman Brewery (where the exhibition was held) and couldn’t see any kind of signage. After some casual frustration we checked the tickets. Wrong weekend. Doughnuts. Oh well, whilst in Brick Lane do as the……..Bricklanians?

We grabbed a quick drink then headed for a nibble just round the corner. Near the bottom end of Hanbury Street, opposite Al Volo and next door to The Big Chill Bar sits “The Orange Buffalo”. If you know the area you’ll know it, no doubt. 6 wings for £6, with two choices – Original and Hot (or as the OB names it ‘Woof Woof’).

We got six of each and shared them. One of us had already been a couple of times. I hadn’t so was looking forward to a bit of woof woof. I’m always likely to be biased when it comes to meat on the bone, especially chicken wings. They were pretty tasty. I’d have liked a slightly louder bark on the hot ones, to be truthful, but then that’s me. I like things spicy. Oh, you can get chips too. The sauce is a blue cheese dip with small chunks of cucumber and served with some sticks of celery.

As we sat on the bench outside there was a realisation that this place is a buzz with people, as it is every weekend. It’s a great place to meet and eat.

We returned the next week (when exhibitors were actually exhibiting) but shouldn’t ever need an excuse for a trip down Brick Lane.

It’s likely we’ve all had a lovely curry in the area but if anyone knows of a nice little eatery around and about then share with us, if we like it we’ll blog and give you a mention.

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