Travelex taking on FinTech challengers – #AfterDinnerRoundup


travelexEveryone had a fantastic time at the intimate dinner with Travelex’s Head of Commercial Products/Digital, Ania Walker last night at Piccolino restaurant in Exchange Square. Talking on the topic of how established companies adapt and thrive with the constant influx of new FinTech players joining the industry, Ania had some great advice and insight for her fellow guests. Her talk covered everything from the problems established brands face from well-funded new FinTech companies to the reality of startups having a 1 billion dollar value in 2015 yet only having a revenue of 10 million dollars.

Explaining the rise of FinTech startups, Ania attributes it to how the usage of online and smart phones has increased the overall number of transactions and the ease of completing a transaction has improved significantly because of these access points too. Startups are able to offer better deals and services than banks and traditional companies as there are no additional costs of branches or legacy business that may be cannabalised as a result.

Screenshot 2016-02-15 13.19.30Ania was joined by WiseAlpha Technologies, YouView TV Limited, Weaver Digital, amongst others.

Special thanks goes to our speaker, Ania.

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