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DSTRKT – 6th Sept 2012

Last week, we ran a table at the very new and very cool, DSTRKT. The venue is divided into a downstairs area with a restaurants and accompanying lounge bar and upstairs which holds a night club.

The restaurant food is tapas style, and when we ordered, we were encouraged by the waiter to try the ‘taster menu’, a 12 mini-course banquet at £55 per head. Our group passed on that offer and we elected to each pick a dish then also have a few more on top to ensure no one went home hungry. I chose the ‘Roast Octopus’, which I must say was one of the best Octopus dishes I’ve ever tasted, aside from being cooked to perfection the chef has used a home-made chicken stock to add flavour.

Overall, the dishes were too small, and ranging from £8-£15 per plate, it is expensive to not leave hungry. After the main courses we ordered a cheese board, ‘chef’s choice’, a choice, which included the infamous ‘Stinking Bishop’ a soft-wash rind cheese, which is fantastically creamy, but as the name suggests, one of the most pungent cheeses I have ever eaten. It was at this juncture of the meal that the chef came over to our table to say his thanks and receive his well deserved praise. Upon being quizzed about this food, he said ‘You know when your mother told you not to play with your food, well, I play with my food’.

DSTRKT is certainly worth a look, the quality of the food and the cooking is excellent, the ambience is great, the only downside is the wad of cash you have to stump up for a full belly!

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