Burger and Lobster – Avant et après.

The Hype versus Reality.

I get strangely drawn to the hype of some new eatery, bar, theme or event. So ‘Burger and Lobster’ alerted the radar. Then I got distracted, caught up in something else, and the cow and seafood delights had to wait. First thing first, I like the idea of lobster and chips, I do, but then if a chef is proficient enough to cook up a lobster then what would their burgers taste like? This 50/50 was slowing becoming the agony of choice. But hark! What on earth was I thinking? I had a partner in crime. She could try one dish and I the other.

Here’s information I’ve gleaned so far.

Excellent quality for a great price – 20 hard earned pounds for either food of choice. Whereas that is a steal for decent lobster (remember where we are ladies and gents, Mayfair.) isn’t this a little OTT for a burger? We’ll have to see.
‘Utterly amazing presentation.’ ‘Exquisite attention to detail.’ Impressed by these words? I am. A place in Mayfair that you don’t need to/can’t make reservations. A double edged sword me thinks. It’s said the decor is also a refreshing change to the norm. In the day its flooded my natural light, no less. But what of the drinks? Well, you can wash these tasty delights down with a handsome, competitively priced, cocktail designed by Soul Shakers. I’m seriously eager now.


Burger and Lobster gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up (even though there was a wait of up to 3 hours). On arrival we had to pop our mobile number down to be contacted when space became available. This proves a healthy interest in the bar but also a lengthy wait. Not ideal but we, fortunately, had a little time to spare. We chose about half 6 on a Friday so possibly to be expected.

Greeted by Friendly staff and shown to our seats I was impressed by the decor. Wooden paneled floors and walls resembling, to me, a plush Swiss skiing cottage. Red sofas and accompanying chairs offer a comfy space and the place is well lit. To define it as solely a bar for a date, a night out with friends or even to stage a larger party would be wrong. It’s the sort of place that can cater for all of these and therefore makes it a choice for all occasions.

The food – Delish. The lobster mildly smoked and expertly cooked. Soft. Nearly raw if you like it that way. The burger oozing flavoursome juices. Beefy beef. The Yorkie bar of the beef world. The presentation – 10/10.

TableCrowd verdict: Mmm Delish


I didn’t partake in a cocktail but my partner did. On recommendation from a friend she had the Riesling Smash (Pink Grapefruit one of her faves). The eyes and facial expression said it all.

We’re going back. Soon.

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