Embrace the social dining revolution

Picture the scene, you’re a city dwelling young professional looking to explore different ways of meeting likeminded people.

Should there be a social taboo around dining with strangers?

Certainly not, the world has changed and the internet has broken down barriers and fuelled the movement of interacting with people we don’t know. Social networks, online communities and web-based interest groups are now rife and an accepted part of our everyday lives. Collectively, these groups create a platform for making new acquaintances, contacts and friends with ease and precision.

What might have been seen as outlandish in approach in generations passed is becoming 2nd nature to all, with the new online generation leading the line.

The latest development has seen people using web-based platforms to arrange real life meets. The convenience of the web allows users to combine offline interests with meeting new people. All we have to do is look at www.Meetup.com as a prime example. Now boasting more than 8 million global users in over 100 countries with over 50,000 different meetups scheduled each week.

In truth time in todays world is at a premium, and if you have a passion in life or an interest, why wait for life to bring those likeminded people to you to share it with. We can all harness the power of the web to create the real life experiences we want.

Remember, a wise poet once said ‘There are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet’.

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