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Sustainability Invite Only

In the Loop – breakfast for Circular Economy businesses #4

at Zoom Room, Virtual (map)

Who's coming

  • Kate

    Master of all trades and founder, now sit down, TableCrowd, SilkFred,

  • Louise


  • Claire

    Growth Strategy, giffgaff | Class of 2017 at New Entrepreneurs Foundation

  • Jo

    Founder/Investor/Board Advisor , Wearer of many hats - SignoftheTimes and JD & Co

  • Andrew

    Serial Founder

  • Antonia
  • Eliza
  • Paul

    CEO, Relove Technology

  • Andrew


Zoom Room


Started by:
Table Crowd

“In the Loop” is a new community for businesses operating in the Circular Economy. We want to create a collective voice and work together to support each other.

Request an invite here:

We plan to host regular breakfasts for the community to meet. This is the first!

Why we want to do this:

✓ Partnerships and cross promotion - we are likely to share the same customers without being in competition.
✓ Work out industry standards to help customers understand what we do, e.g. using the same icons to represent the same things on our products and websites.
✓ Lobbying on key matters - a community of London’s newest businesses will have power!
✓ Information sharing and support as we are growing our businesses.
✓ Any other ideas or benefits we agree as a community!

Request an invite here:

We will choose a location around Old Street once we have numbers. We will all pay for our own breakfasts on the day!

Request an invite here:

The community is being set up by now, sit down, a new circular economy furniture and home furnishings brand.

This breakfast will be hosted by Andrew Magowan, Kate Jackson and Louise Barnard, co-founders of now, sit down.

Kate is also the founder of TableCrowd.

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