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Ian 24 Feb at 11:33am

Hi Sarah, thank you. I think there has to be a paradigm shift to help strengthen society, in a sustainable way. I'm looking forward to hearing about what each of you is doing and learning from one another.

Sarah 24 Feb at 11:12am

Welcome Ian! I love your circular model and its moving parts sound fascinating.

Ian 24 Feb at 10:54am

Hi - I'm Ian, we've created a social impact organisation ( designed to put wealth and security back into families and to recapitalise the economy. We're launching recruitment agencies globally which gift 100% net agency fees back to the worker and society in the form of financial assets (Tesla, Amazon, Bitcoin...whatever the person wants). I have just partnered with a UAE Sovereign family and we'll be rolling out in UK, USA, Australia, Europe and the GCC soon. Look forward to learning from you all and to find our what you're doing. Regards Ian

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Sarah 17 Feb at 4:35pm

Hello Social Impacters! This is my Jan to March 2021 gameface. I'm showing up in Q1 with curiosity and enthusiasm despite the long dismal road we've all been travelling. Better together right? I'm looking forward to meeting you all on the night. Don't be shy about having a favourite tipple near you if that's what you feel like. I always do.

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