Table Crowd 02 Oct at 3:06pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

Mark Taylor 30 Sep at 11:12am

Hey everyone,

My name is Mark and I'm building a platform (BizNest) for early-stage startups to find investment faster.
I'm excited to attend the event on Wednesday night and to connect with some great people.

All the best,

Lucy 30 Sep at 9:06am

Hi All, I've double booked and my friends have got me a ticket for an experience evening, so I'm going to pass on this. Does anyone have a colleague or friend who'd like my place?

25 Sep at 9:51am

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Yarema 26 Aug at 3:13pm

Heather and I are in the early stages of starting up a pet products business.
We have a background in property, design and consulting.

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