Rob 21 Feb at 11:47am

Really great feedback - thank you Milena and you all. It was a friendly and yet honest introductions to the complex world of working with a Supermarket. The next 'Foodie' TableCrowd is with Mark Palmer, 26th March:

Table Crowd 20 Feb at 3:01pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

Milena 19 Feb at 5:41pm

Look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow!

12 Feb at 3:41pm

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11 Feb at 7:59pm

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11 Feb at 3:23pm

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Nicci 11 Feb at 1:43pm

Hi, Im Nicci and the CEO and founder of Re:Nourish. A health benefit driven fresh soup in the world's first heat-able grab and go bottle.

11 Feb at 1:32pm

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Rob 06 Feb at 7:52pm

Great to hear Fraser, looking forward to catching up with you again.

Fraser 06 Feb at 5:24pm

Hi! I'm the founder of SuperJam 100% fruit jams. I learned my Gran's recipes as a 14 year old boy in Scotland and have since sold millions of jars around the world, especially in South Korea. Currently preparing for a brand relaunch and also working with Zsolt at Fellow Creatures vegan chocolates... mmm. Looking forward to meeting you all!

06 Feb at 5:11pm

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Michéal 29 Jan at 6:33am

Looks like a great mix of categories so looking forward to some interesting discussions. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Michéal.

28 Jan at 3:20pm

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Sophie 28 Jan at 2:45pm

Hi, I am Sophie, co-founder of Little Tummy. We produce fresh and healthy baby food. I am looking forward to meeting everyone!

28 Jan at 2:43pm

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Stuart 28 Jan at 11:46am

I'm Stu. Run ManiLife who make absolutely world class peanut butter.
Looking forward to meeting you all.

28 Jan at 11:45am

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Rob 24 Jan at 8:47am

Welcome Michéal... see you there.

Michéal 23 Jan at 8:31pm

Hi, Michéal here. I’m at the founder of Humble Acre. I am setting out to give children a great start with a no added sugar breakfast cereal.