Kastytis 12 Mar at 4:17pm

Hey all, It was amazing to meet you guys and one again big thanks to James for sharing so many useful insights on building the beverage brand! I am glad that we had such an intimate atmosphere and I would love to meet with each one of you personally to see how Cinnamon Bridge could help your products grow. Please send me an email to kastis@cinnamonbridge.com


Table Crowd 11 Mar at 2:50pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

11 Mar at 1:40pm

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Victoria 11 Mar at 1:23pm

I look forward to meeting you all tonight!

Table Crowd 11 Mar at 1:15pm

Just checking in that you have seen the venue change - The dinner is now hosted at Aubaine - Heddon St, not Pescatori. Thank you :)

Jarek 10 Mar at 4:21pm

Glad to be in and looking forward to my first Table Crowd experience.

10 Mar at 4:18pm

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