Vlad 10 Dec at 3:49pm

Indeed it was fun nite out. I really enjoyed meeting new people in London. Hope to see you again

Morgan 10 Dec at 12:48pm

Yes, it was a nice evening. Definitely up for this again.

Anna 10 Dec at 10:07am

Hi guys, I agree with Karen- it was great and thanks so much for everyone who joined. Pics to follow up soon! Let's get together soon I hope??

Karen 08 Dec at 8:16pm

Lovely to meet you all Friday and to see a couple of familiar faces again. Great restaurant choose hopefully see you all again at another table maybe in the New Year sometime?

Table Crowd 06 Dec at 3:00pm

Hey Guys

Have fun tonight - the table is booked in the name of TABLECROWD. It's a good idea to swap mobile numbers. Please remember to tweet us a photo to @tablecrowd

Anna 06 Dec at 11:15am

Lovely to see such full table! See you guys later (cocktail to start with???)

06 Dec at 10:40am

Jason joined this table

04 Dec at 5:24pm

Morgan joined this table

02 Dec at 8:13pm

Vlad joined this table

Karen 01 Dec at 9:23am

Thanks for the invite Anna, I've eaten her before although a while ago now and remember it being a good meal. Looking forward to eating here again and meeting everyone on the table.

01 Dec at 9:21am

Karen joined this table

28 Nov at 3:45pm

Csaba joined this table

28 Nov at 3:40pm

Bar joined this table

Anna 28 Nov at 3:37pm

Hi Jay, many thanks!

We gonna have a good time, I believe I may have dined there before as well! I am a huge fan of anything fishy ;-)

28 Nov at 3:33pm

Vlad joined this table

Jay 27 Nov at 6:50pm

Hi Anna! Been there before and it's an amazing place - read your blog nice piece!
See you soon!

27 Nov at 6:48pm

Jay joined this table

Anna 25 Nov at 5:22pm

That restaurant is truly fabulous and I am glad I can host the evening at this place.

Get involved; it's gonna be a good evening!

25 Nov at 2:19pm

Anna joined this table