Lynn 18 Jul at 6:02pm

Oh dear, now I feel bad as I cannot make it tonight either. Enjoy the pizza and conversation. So sorry.

Sergio 18 Jul at 5:44pm

hi guys, 17h40m and I am still in the office! Won't be able to make my way (from Colchester) there on time!
apologies and enjoy the dinner!
Sergio V.

Milyausha 18 Jul at 5:27pm

Hey, unfortunately I can't come. I'm sorry...

Table Crowd 18 Jul at 4:48pm

Hey guys, just to remind you the dinner tonight is booked under the name TABLECROWD. Have a great night :)

Emily 18 Jul at 4:26pm

Hi Stephen - great, see you in a couple of hours! Yes, either outside or inside with air con would be good - I'll see what I can do!

Stephen 18 Jul at 4:17pm

Hey guys, looking forward to tonight - I hope we're sitting outside!

Emily 18 Jul at 2:30pm

Hi everyone!

I'm looking forward to meeting you all tonight. If you need to contact me on-route my number is 07944252792.



16 Jul at 3:03pm

Stephen joined this table

Milyausha 15 Jul at 8:51am

Product design student in London, enterpreneur in Russia

15 Jul at 8:45am

Milyausha joined this table

Sergio 15 Jul at 8:44am

I will try to attend, it is a bit of a early time for me!

07 Jul at 1:04pm

Miriam joined this table

04 Jul at 12:01pm

Lynn joined this table

Siobina 04 Jul at 12:01pm

This looks interesting I would like to come along if I am free that evening


03 Jul at 2:42pm

Eleanor joined this table

02 Jul at 10:15am

Emily created this table