Simona 19 Mar at 8:46pm

Thanks Phil - that's an incredible idea!

Phil 19 Mar at 5:11pm

Hey guys, check the latest TableCrowd blog post....

The Link Foundry dinner at Pizza East – 11th March #StartupEngine

Simona 13 Mar at 10:51am

Hi everyone!

Thank you for a great evening on Monday! It was a pleasure to meet you all.

To those who couldn't make it, I am organising another table next Tuesday (maybe the restaurant won't be as packed this time).

Feel free to add me to Linkedin, my email is Let's keep in touch!!

Have a productive week and see you again soon!


11 Mar at 5:17pm

Ali joined this table

Noorullah 11 Mar at 3:39pm

Looks like I won't be able to make it tonight! Have fun guys. See you all some other time.

Maya 10 Mar at 7:21pm

Thanks, much appreciated!

Maya 10 Mar at 7:18pm

I will try but I'll leave West London at 5.30pm, hence 6pm is quite early for me.

Simona 10 Mar at 7:16pm

Hi Maya, does that mean you cannot make it to dinner? It would be great if you could

Maya 10 Mar at 7:14pm

I'll definitely come for dessert and coffee

Simona 10 Mar at 3:32pm

Hi everyone! Thanks again for joining my table!

One minor problem. Sorry to say that but Pizza East only gives discount up to 8 people. I apologise for that, it's my fault. However, I am very happy as so many have registered to come! I hope you won't be too upset with me.

I look forward to meet you all there tomorrow!

By the way, those who cannot make it so early, why don't you join us for the dessert? It would be great to meet you!

Simona 10 Mar at 7:19pm

We will hold the seat for you!

Pippa 08 Mar at 12:57pm

Hello. My name is Pippa. I'm in fashion design and styling. I've run a personal image business in Tokyo. I'm looking to introduce a fashion label with personal service concept to the market in the future and using experiences like this to line-up my ducks. Would be very interested to know what you think about my concept and if you can help/advise in anyway I would be very glad of it. (Please note:This presentation was created a while ago so the RRP and some other attributes needs to be revised.) Let me know what you think on the night. Looking forward to meeting you all! Pippa

Noorullah 07 Mar at 11:11pm

Hi guys,

Look forward to meeting everyone on Monday. I am a co-founder of Nenu Tech, a mobile app development consultancy, and working on starting a few other technology related companies. Looking to discuss marketing strategies with fellow entrepreneurs.


Jay 07 Mar at 6:37pm

Hi guys - sorry I am going to have to pull out. Working to bring investors to entrepreneurs. 6pm is too early to make it after work - 7.30pm would work better next time . . J

James 07 Mar at 6:37pm

Looking forward to meeting you and hearing / sharing interesting ideas

07 Mar at 6:37pm

James joined this table

Damian 07 Mar at 4:54pm

@Kate - unfortunately something has come up, which means I can't make Monday night, sorry. Have a good one! Damian

Stephane 07 Mar at 4:27pm

Thanks Kate !

07 Mar at 4:26pm

Stephane joined this table

Kate 07 Mar at 3:33pm

Hey guys, TableCrowd is my startup. Here it is in 30 seconds!

Aron 07 Mar at 3:20pm

Hi, looking forward to meeting you all. I'm starting a flower delivery business - and would love all your thoughts on what I'm doing


07 Mar at 3:18pm

Aron joined this table

07 Mar at 3:01pm

Maya joined this table

07 Mar at 2:58pm

Piotr joined this table

Claudio 06 Mar at 4:27pm

that's why I joined this dinner as I have my start up I would like to meet new people with same throughts and ideas looking for investors and business partners.

Simona 06 Mar at 2:29pm

Hi everyone, thank you for joining my table!

As the title may suggest, this dinner is for startups that have passed idea's stage and are looking for funding or to meet new people (for the purposes of building a team, advice or inspiration). Investors, who are interested in such entrepreneurs are also very welcome.

Would you like to shout out what your startup is or what you are up to? It would be great to know who you are before we meet!


Damian 04 Mar at 9:36pm

Looking forward to meeting everyone..

Kate 04 Mar at 10:24am

Hey there! Looking forward to Pizza East and some good quality chat with the group. Kate

04 Mar at 10:23am

Kate joined this table

02 Mar at 3:34pm

Simona created this table

08 Mar at 12:44pm

Pippa joined this table