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Run your business better: be a master of execution & operations

at The Anthologist, The City (map)

Who's coming

  • William

    --, WDTL Consulting Ltd

  • Leigh

    Founder, Hello HR

  • Osmond

    Organiser, Tech citizen - meetup group

  • Bjoern

    --, Pathio Limited

  • Jeremy

    Head of Commercial and Customer Success, Buto, The professional video platform

  • Host

    Co Founder, TableCrowd Talent

  • Ghilaine

    Plug-in COO, Ghilaine & Co

  • Ross

    Helping SME's grow., Wellers

  • Richard

    Co-founder, OttaVivo Ltd

  • Iris

    Founder, Solely Original

  • Emma

    Founder & Insights Director, Per4mance Insight

  • Bertie

    Head of Operations, Fixflo


The Anthologist

Modern European
58 Gresham Street, London, City of London, UK, EC2V 7BB


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Join us for dinner, drinks & a chance to meet fellow entrepreneurs, followed by an after-dinner talk and informal Q&A with Ghilaine Chan, who is a trusted advisor to tech focussed companies.

As a founder, you don’t always have the luxury of hiring in roles like COO or GM in the early stages, so all the details of execution and operational challenges are just another plate to spin. Ghilaine is a plug-in COO, who steps into companies of 5-50 people and helps them take their vision to reality. In the simplest terms, she helps them to run their business, making them more productive, efficient and customer focussed, by looking at what isn't working and getting it to run more smoothly.

This means that she’s seen it all - and as a wealth of practical advice to share over dinner on how you can make changes in your business to run it better.

Don’t miss this chance to meet Ghilaine informally over dinner and to get into the nitty gritty of how to make vital improvements to run your business better.

Proud to partner with Wellers.

Price includes private dining experience with after dinner speaker, 2 course dinner with wine and highly curated and relevant networking.


P.S. TableCrowd are offering complimentary cab rides home (£15) thanks to their partner, Gett (Get Taxi!) on first download of the app. Details on the night.

In the simplest terms, Ghilaine helps people to run their business, making them more productive, efficient and customer focussed, by looking at what isn't working and getting it to run more smoothly.

She helps to save time and money, increase motivation and improve customer relationships. She helps people do more with what they already have and spend money wisely to promote growth.

Ghilaine connects ideas and people to solve complex or difficult problems. She makes others’ lives easier. She is operational, taking someone’s vision to reality. She is enthusiastic about technology and how it can improve society.

Ghilaine builds and maintains relationships across multiple disciplines, cultures and levels, translating business needs to the technical teams and providing practical feedback to the leadership or executive teams.

She develops permanent or temporary global teams and has a passion for diverse views and cultural differences. She creates order from chaos and builds scalable and robust processes and programs to take a business from start up through scale up and beyond.

For any dietary requirements, including vegetarians, please ensure you have completed your dietary needs in your profile.

Delicious 2 course dinner with wine.


Chicken satay, peanut sauce

Prawn lollipops, sweet chilli & soy

Salted ricotta, summer beets, toasted almonds (v)

Crispy squid, lemon mayonnaise


Thai coconut curry with chicken, basmati rice

Cheese burger, 8oz british beef, lettuce, tomato, mayo & chips

Quinoa bowl, avocado, edamame beans, spinach, pomegranate, lemon (v)

Fish pie, cheddar potato crust

This dinner is hosted by one of TableCrowd's wonderful hosts. She'll be looking after you on the night.

For any advance questions about this dinner, it is best to reach us at

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