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48 Frith Street, London, West End London, UK, W1D 4SF


Soho London_tubeTottenham Court Road



London’s Soho offers an array of restaurants to pick from, but when in the mood for Thai food, the number one choice simply has to be @Siam. Serving all of your favourite dishes from the beautiful South East Asian kingdom once known as Siam, this cosy dining room provides a sophisticated take on authentic cuisine at an extremely affordable price. Stir fries and curries make up a large part of the @Siam menu, with salads and noodle dishes made with atypically aromatic Thai ingredients including ginger, coconut and holy basil and using traditional recipes. A handful of well priced set menus give @Siam’s customers an opportunity to enjoy regional meals from, amongst others, the cool and mountainous North or the E-Sarn area where Cambodian and Laos culture and flavour informs the food. Decorated in cream, aubergine and black, hung with bamboo frame lanterns and featuring beautiful silk upholstery, @Siam is a comfortable space in which a contemporary European love of simplicity is combined with an Eastern splash of colour and character.

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