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Otto's Restaurant

182 Gray's Inn Road, London, West End London, UK, WC1X 8EW

Otto's Restaurant

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Located on Gray’s Inn Road in the centre of London is Otto’s restaurant, a very French proposition indeed. Attractively appointed in a typically laid back, unfussy continental style, Otto’s is comfortable and upmarket at once, the dining room dotted with statement artworks, furnished in a fairly traditional style and decorated in neutral tones with juts a splash of deep red bringing colour to the room. Extremely traditional, the Otto’s menu is taken from the bistros of France, exploring both the simplicity of brasserie-inspired grills and the more rustic, hearty flavours of the French countryside. Dishes are as attractive as they are delicious, the Otto’s kitchen team putting great care in to producing the kind of cordon bleu food, rich with the finest ingredients, that you might experience in the very best dining rooms of Paris. As important to the Otto’s experience as the food is the restaurant’s very carefully constructed wine list, on which you’ll discover an array of grapes ranging from the reassuringly expensive to the surprisingly reasonable.

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