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Favourite dish

Piri Piri pork

People Claire has dined with

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Venues Claire has dined at

  • 76336
    Busaba Eathai - Panton Street

    Group reservations now available from Monday to Friday for 8 to 20 guests and walk-ins accepted. Situated in the heart of London’s film...

  • 47629
    Jazz After Dark

    Jazz after Dark is a late night restaurant, cocktail bar and jazz club right in the heart of Soho where real live jazz, blues and Latin is...

  • 36616
    Pizza East

    Imported from the back roads of Rome and Napoli to the hip streets of London, Pizza East will fuse the creative-cool of Shoreditch to the...

  • 68431
    Red Dog Saloon

    The Red Dog Saloon is an east London institution. Located on Hoxton Square, the restaurant is the regular haunt of local hipsters, media...

  • 4712
    Shanghai Blues

    Situated in the Grade II building that formerly housed the St Giles Library, experience some of London's finest oriental cuisine courtesy of...

  • 92025
    The Jam Tree - Clapham

    Coming Soon!

  • 26631
    Zebrano - Ganton Street

    Zebrano, an urban bunker of cool, understands that you need to take refuge from streets of Soho. The seductive red surroundings are enhanced...

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Favourite dish

Piri Piri pork

Claire's Crowds

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