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Founder of Buddywell & The Holistic Lifestyle Club, London

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I am a mean card player

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Venues Kim has dined at

  • 76972

    London’s Soho offers an array of restaurants to pick from, but when in the mood for Thai food, the number one choice simply has to be @Siam...

  • 91443

    BKB opened in 1999 in Soho as a contemporary bar and restaurant offering British food with an American & European influence. It is open for...

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    Central Working @ Google Campus

  • 66598
    Chico Bandito

    Chico Bandito is a fun, affordable and authentic Mexican restaurant in east London located between Old Street and Shoreditch High Street...

  • 50236
    Fire and Stone

    Fire and Stone restaurant, in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, boasts that it has the biggest wood-fired oven in the northern hemisphere...

  • 50494

    Part of a small, upscale group of Italian restaurants, Exchange Square’s Piccolino brings authentic Italian dining to the City with a touch...

  • 43870
    Rocket Mayfair

    Rocket restaurant in London’s toniest Mayfair sits in a lovely pedestrian-only courtyard between Bond Street and Brook Street, a haven from...

  • 95451
    Rotary Bar & Diner

    Coming Soon!

  • 75274
    Sartori Restaurant

    A traditional Italian restaurant in the very centre of London, Sartori Restaurant is situated on Great Newport Street, just a minute’s walk...