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Swedish Marketing Assistant, London

I'm here for

Business and Friendship

Interesting fact

I can eat serious amounts of Tom Kha Gai!

Favourite dish

Sushi, Burgers,Tom Kha Gai, Steak, Meatballs, Crayfish and more

People Sofie has dined with

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Venues Sofie has dined at

  • 83263
    5th View Champagne and Seafood Bar

    The views alone are worth the visit to 5th View – the surprising hidden gem of a restaurant on the fifth floor of Piccadilly’s branch of...

  • 66919
    Bellaria Restaurant & Wine Bar

    Absolutely, charmingly unique, the Bellaria Restaurant and Wine Bar in London’s upmarket Fitzrovia is a must for those tiring of the same...

  • 94383

    Bibigo is an authentic, healthy and fresh contemporary Korean restaurant. From CJ, Korea’s No.1 food company, offering fresh and healthy...

  • 5591
    Big Easy

    Award-winning Big Easy restaurant in London's King's Road transports you magically to a simpler place and time, a deep southern American...

  • 78397
    Bistro 1 - Beak Street

    Located on the bustling Beak Street in Soho, this restaurant is always filled with a pre-party, post-sightseeing crowd. For hearty...

  • 66598
    Chico Bandito

    Chico Bandito is a fun, affordable and authentic Mexican restaurant in east London located between Old Street and Shoreditch High Street...

  • 83305

    With its passion for music and full-on flavours, Guanabara has brought the best of Brazil to London’s Drury Lane. With two bars and a huge...

  • 71380

    Moored at Victoria Embankment, the Hispaniola has been a landmark on the London scene for more than thirty years, and it's still a great...

  • 87184

    With its minimalist designer interior and glossy crowd straight from Scandinavian central casting, Madsen is an arty restaurant ideal for...

  • 94704
    Meat Mission

    Coming Soon!

  • 71284

    One of a family of worldwide restaurants, London’s Patara restaurant brings sophisticated Thai dining to Soho’s Greek Street. Tastefully...

  • 68431
    Red Dog Saloon

    The Red Dog Saloon is an east London institution. Located on Hoxton Square, the restaurant is the regular haunt of local hipsters, media...

  • 43870
    Rocket Mayfair

    Rocket restaurant in London’s toniest Mayfair sits in a lovely pedestrian-only courtyard between Bond Street and Brook Street, a haven from...

  • 71596
    Salvador and Amanda

    Neighbour to The Photographers Gallery on the cusp of Covent Garden and Soho, Salvador and Amanda is the latest blissed-out bar from the...

  • 74419
    Sen Nin Japanese Teppanyaki & Sushi Restaurant

    Sen Nin Japanese Teppanyaki and Sushi restaurant, located in London on Camden's Pratt Street, is a hip spot to stop-off for a sushi-and-sake...

  • 73705
    Souk Bazaar

    It must be those of us who are too young to hit the hippy trail have a secret hankering to get away from it all in a kaftan. However,...

  • Thumb_thetoyshopputney_sq
    The Toy Shop.

  • 70567

    Small but perfectly formed, as the saying goes, the Scandinavian Verru restaurant is nestled in the very heart of London’s lovely Marylebone...

  • Thumb_yard
    Yard (Al Rollo)

    This hip pizza joint, located in the heart of Shoreditch near Old Street Station, is set in a converted fire station on Tabernacle Road,...

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Swedish Marketing Assistant, London

I'm here for

Business and Friendship

Interesting fact

I can eat serious amounts of Tom Kha Gai!

Favourite dish

Sushi, Burgers,Tom Kha Gai, Steak, Meatballs, Crayfish and more

Sofie's Crowds

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