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I'm here for

Friendship and Other

People Rob has dined with

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Venues Rob has dined at

  • 5591
    Big Easy

    Award-winning Big Easy restaurant in London's King's Road transports you magically to a simpler place and time, a deep southern American...

  • 71722
    Duke's Brew & Que

    A home-style brewpub with an American slant, Duke’s Brew and Que is a pub and restaurant in the North London enclave of Hackney’s De...

  • 75607
    Floripa London

    A hip little east London haunt tucked away on Great Eastern Street, Floripa is a vibrant Shoreditch bar and restaurant serving up wholesome...

  • 75298

    A round of applause, please, for epic Gilgamesh restaurant, the Camden powerhouse. Celebrity chef Ian Pengelley brings his acclaimed pan-...

  • 94704
    Meat Mission

    Coming Soon!

  • 80119
    Pinchito Tapas

    Pinchito Tapas is a Shoreditch restaurant that’s a hit with a kooky mix of scenesters, London City types and socialistas who love the bite-...

  • 43864
    Rocket Canary Wharf

    Rocket Restaurant in London’s Canary Wharf is exactly the smart-casual, quirkily stylish, affordable place you want in a fabulous location...

  • 80932
    The Albion

    A Georgian gem in London’s vibrant Islington, The Albion is a country style pub restaurant with a little urban gloss. Originally situated in...

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I'm here for

Friendship and Other