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I want to meet entertaining people over dinner

People James has dined with

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Venues James has dined at

  • 54472
    Amber Bar

    Amber Bar restaurant in the City of London right next to Moorgate tube has location, style and crowd-pleasing food all under one roof. Amber...

  • 68539

    Situated on a quiet Fitzrovia sidestreet, Archipelago is one of London’s most exotic and unusual dining destinations. As famous for its...

  • 18862
    Barcelona Tapas Bar y Restaurante

    Barcelona Tapas Bar Y Restaurant in the City of London near Leadenhall Market and the Lloyds building is the fifth in a chain of popular...

  • 81751
    Black & Blue

    Located amidst the buzz and bustle of Soho, Berners Street’s Black and Blue is a popular restaurant known throughout London for its truly...

  • 78676
    Bogayo Restaurant & Bar

    Hungry for Africa? Craving an exotic culinary experience? Bogayo restaurant in the City of London on Old Street is waiting to fulfil your...

  • 79447
    Bottega Prelibato

    Bottega Prelibato restaurant and deli in London's Shoreditch is one of those very special places that, once you discover it, you're torn...

  • 67648
    Bread Street Kitchen - Gordon Ramsay

    The Bread Street Kitchen is a lively and exciting restaurant and bar in east London brought to you by the team at Gordon Ramsay restaurants...

  • 72502
    Carnevale Restaurant

    Carnevale Restaurant in London's Hoxton is one of the new faces of vegetarian cuisine, serving unusual and intriguing vegetarian dishes with...

  • 66598
    Chico Bandito

    Chico Bandito is a fun, affordable and authentic Mexican restaurant in east London located between Old Street and Shoreditch High Street...

  • 71440

    Named after the traditional Indian dining table, Chowki is anything but traditional when it comes to Indian eating in London. Mere moments...

  • 78247
    Coco Bamboo

    Chalk Farm Road is a busy intersection between Camden and the posher Primrose Hill end of town – and this little South American dining room...

  • 80530
    Coq d'Argent

    Coq d’Argent restaurant brings a blast of glamour and style to the City of London. From its penthouse position on top of the striking post-...

  • 86170
    Creation Restaurant

    Located in the middle of London’s bustling and bookish Bloomsbury, the Radisson Edwardian Kenilworth Hotel offers fine dining in the shape...

  • 71329
    Crusting Pipe

    Locations don't come much more impressive than that belonging to the oddly named Crusting Pipe, situated on the ground level of the famous...

  • 75448
    DSTRKT London

    A chic concept bar and restaurant, DSTRKT is located in the very centre of London. Offering a unique and revolutionary dining experience...

  • 81106
    Dans Le Noir?

    Nothing can prepare you for the uniqueness of Dans Le Noir? restaurant in London’s Farringdon. It works like this: you meet in the tall-...

  • 7598
    Dollar Grills & Martinis

    From the makers of the Beach Blanket Babylon comes the Las Vegas-style, beautiful-as-you-like bar and restaurant in Exmouth Market. At...

  • 50248
    Fire & Stone Spitalfields

    Just when you thought pizza, was a pizza, we’ve put a whole different spin on them, offering a selection of pizzas inspired by the flavours...

  • 75607
    Floripa London

    A hip little east London haunt tucked away on Great Eastern Street, Floripa is a vibrant Shoreditch bar and restaurant serving up wholesome...

  • 56992
    Fora Restaurant

    Fora Restaurant brings City dwellers a ray of sunshine with its authentic Mediterranean food served in appropriately fine surroundings. The...

  • 70189
    Forty Dean Street

    Forty Dean Street is a cosy and cosmopolitan Italian restaurant and bar tucked away in London’s bustling Soho district. Close to the capital...

  • 58975
    Giant Robot

    Kitsch and quirky, Giant Robot fits perfectly in to Clerkenwell’s ever-inventive restaurant scene. Always alive and buzzing, it comes as...

  • 71716

    When restaurants make a quantum leap into the high-tech future, London’s restaurants lead the way. For example, conventional menus and order...

  • 47629
    Jazz After Dark

    Jazz after Dark is a late night restaurant, cocktail bar and jazz club right in the heart of Soho where real live jazz, blues and Latin is...

  • 69847

    Opened in 1867 by Auguste Kettner, chef to Napoleon III, Kettners in Soho is one of the oldest restaurants in London, and something of an...

  • 79279
    Otto's Restaurant

    Located on Gray’s Inn Road in the centre of London is Otto’s restaurant, a very French proposition indeed. Attractively appointed in a...

  • 80119
    Pinchito Tapas

    Pinchito Tapas is a Shoreditch restaurant that’s a hit with a kooky mix of scenesters, London City types and socialistas who love the bite-...

  • 36616
    Pizza East

    Imported from the back roads of Rome and Napoli to the hip streets of London, Pizza East will fuse the creative-cool of Shoreditch to the...

  • 87874
    Prix Fixe Brasserie

    Located on London's iconic Dean Street in Soho, Prix Fixe Brasserie is a restaurant loved by locals for its affordable French brasserie...

  • 85414
    Ravello Restaurant

    Founded in 1970, Old Street's Ravello restaurant pre-dates the Shoreditch-cool revolution. This friendly, family-run restaurant has stood...

  • 49816
    Restaurant at McQueen

    Restaurant at McQueen, bar and club complex in London’s Shoreditch is an homage to Hollywood icon and king of cool, Steven McQueen....

  • 83680
    Rocket Bishopsgate

    Situated between London’s New Bond Street and Brook Street in a rare pedestrianised area, Rocket Bishopsgate is a lively bar and restaurant...

  • 43867
    Rocket City

    Rocket Restaurant in the City of London in a charming pedestrian courtyard just off Old Broad Street and Threadneedle Street is a hugely...

  • 70669

    Filled with opera luvvies, tourists and eccentric Londoners, Sarastro has earned itself an iconic reputation in London's West End for its...

  • 21499
    The Drunken Monkey

    A pioneer in the all-day dim sum and drinking movement, The Drunken Monkey is a hip east London restaurant with a kitsch kung fu themed...

  • 80869
    The Fence

    Slightly tucked away on Cowcross Street but still within a few seconds stroll of Farringdon railway and tube station, The Fence is an...

  • Thumb_profile_the-folly
    The Folly

    Escape to The Folly and immerse yourself in a world of wonder and relax in this botanically inspired haven. Wander through our garden...

  • 87814
    The Gate Islington

    The Daniel brothers have been running London"s most successful vegetarian restaurant since 1989. We have received numerous citations of...

  • 6753
    The Waterway

    A much acclaimed restaurant in London’s refined Maida Vale, The Waterway is the best place in which to enjoy the watery wonders of the area...

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I'm here for

I want to meet entertaining people over dinner

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