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Make a career shift into more meaningful work - charities, social enterprise, international development & business

at Inamo St James, 4-12 Regent Street, St James, London, West End London, UK, SW1Y 4PE (map)

Who's coming

  • Richard

    Founder, Inspiring Adventures

  • Host

    UK Anchor, Journeys for Change

  • Carlos

    Data Scientist,

  • Daria

    Community Manager, TechHub

  • Rosie

    Co-Founder, Be the Change Journey

  • Pauline

    Consultant, DC

  • Katie

    Consultant, EY

  • Alex

    Product Manager, First Data

  • Rina

    Head of Social, Pin Drop

  • Muhammad Khaleel

    Liminal Agent

  • Thushan

    --, space.flo

  • Graham

    Managing Director, Chiltern IT Ltd


Inamo St James

4-12 Regent Street, St James, London, West End London, UK, SW1Y 4PE

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What does it mean to do work that's meaningful? Join this dinner hosted by Be the Change Journey ( to explore just that.

Be the Change Journey is an immersive adventure in India for people seeking to propel themselves into work that matters.

This dinner is for people who are:
> Successful in their careers but feel there's something missing
> Passionate about doing work that makes a positive contribution to the world
> Still keen on earning a decent salary
> Curious about the rapidly expanding social impact sector and the range of opportunities emerging within it
> Wondering about how to get from here to there

Rosie Walford will be joining this dinner. She is an experienced career coach, founder of The Big Stretch ( and co-founder of Be the Change Journey. Rosie will share what meaningful work means to her, and get some juicy conversations going. Several alumni from previous Journeys will also be coming along.

Expect a fun, relaxed evening in good company. Join us in exploring the increasingly fuzzy boundaries between working-for-profit, and working-for-good. We'll be talking about charities, social enterprise, international development and business. Who's doing what, and where you could fit in. Leave feeling inspired, better connected and perhaps with a few ideas for taking some positive steps forward in your own life.

We're dining at Inamo St. James (nr Piccadilly). There is a £2 booking fee to confirm your place and then each person pays for their own bill at the restaurant (Inamo has interactive booking from the place mats, which generates individual bills).

Please contact the host, Hannah Smith, with any questions.

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