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Play Golf on the Trigger of Africa (PGTA)

Old Street, London

(Be part of an amazing sponsored tourism related golf variation trip to Africa/ or within UK.

The average playing time of a game of golf is four hours. 'Golf's 2020 Vision: The HSBC report', referenced in this book however notes that traditional Golf is gradually losing its allure. According to the National Golf Federation (NGF) America, 299 courses closed down in the United States between 2005 to 2012. Within the same period, the same source claims that the total number of golfers in the country dropped by 4.3 million. The Play Golf on the Trigger of Africa Project (PGTA) AKA 'Jungle Golf' is a golf variation designed to attract more people to the sport. It features a golf circuit comprising of 18 holes over six courses with each course featuring three selected holes for the game.
This golf variation is designed to solve the time consuming and low mass appeal problem the ancient game of golf - as revealed in Golf's 2020 vision:

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