#BusinessSpotlight on….Shahrum Gilani of HandsetExpert!

Shahrum first joined us almost a year ago and has soon become a regular diner – somewhat of an expert in TableCrowd, you could say! We were keen to find out more about him and his business, so read on and see what we have learned…


Explain your business in one sentence!

HandsetExpert is by far the most comprehensive recommendation service for everything mobile.


What were you doing before you launched your business?

I used to work as a research scientist at UCL and King’s College London. Whilst I enjoyed my job, the lure of entrepreneurship was just too great to resist!


What is your biggest hindsight moment?

I’m very fortunate to know quite a few smart and insightful people. I could have – and should have – used more of their wisdom and experience sooner, but this is something I’m getting better at!


What will the next year bring?

I’m very much hoping that 2019 will bring further growth and sales!


Give us one piece of advice for someone starting a business in your sector?

This is fairly universal, irrespective of sector, but think long and hard about what you can do that no-one else can and how that can help improve the lives of others.


Convince someone to use your service in under 50 words!

HandsetExpert makes finding a new phone quicker and easier, giving control back to customers by providing all the information they need before buying a new phone. We check over 2m deals across 22 networks daily – more than anyone else – so you always have the widest choice and the best price.


What’s your favourite business in your sector?

I’d pick GiffGaff – in a crowded market, they have done a great job with their brand and value proposition.


Tell us about your TableCrowd experiences.

Over the last year, I think I’ve been to a TableCrowd dinner every month on average – so it’s safe to say I’m a big fan!

You get to share conversation and dinner with fascinating and similarly-minded individuals, and the insights the main speaker provides are invaluable. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly – the exact opposite of typical networking experience. I’ve been encouraging as many people as possible to try it out. What’s not to like?


What’s your favourite London restaurant?

We’re really spoilt for choice in London – you can find something excellent no matter what your tastes and budget. If you’re looking to splash out, The Ledbury is always exceptional. If you’re looking for something new and different I’d highly recommend Chojo, an oriental tapas restaurant in Bayswater.


You can connect with Shahrum through TableCrowd!


Who could you meet at our dinners?
See the full menu here!





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