7 Insider tips for your eCommerce site

shoppingSpecial thanks goes to Alex O’Byrne for his insightful talk on increasing your online orders for your eCommerce business at dinner this week. Without any further ado, hear is what he had to say:

  1. The journey for mobile users must be good. 50% of traffic comes from mobile. 41% of orders for luxury brands again comes from mobile (which is higher than mid-range brands
    And if that’s not enough – Google penalises sites that don’t work well on mobile. Ouch.
  2. Promote your business. Attract PR, do events, network, have journalists on your mailing list etc
  3. Don’t forget about email (it’s social media’s cooler, older brother didn’t you know?). Have email sign up on your website. Automate your email marketing (MailChimp pro plus gives you a 3 email marketing campaign welcome drip – which is handy)
  4. Create content for your audience that is informative, fun, interesting and/or appealing. Make it useful beyond your product or service. (E.g. Smoothie business – add articles about healthy living, exercise etc)
  5. Build trust. Take good quality photos, have a great website design, take payments securely (and so on)
  6. Remember the lifetime value of a customer – it should always be more than the first purchase
  7. Always respond to customer feedback. Always.

Finally, a few tit bits to tack on the end, (hey – everyone loves a bonus tip or two!)

  • People expect free returns on shipping
  • Get your products endorsed by people (e.g journalists) – it builds trust

For more great tips – check out what our other speakers have been saying, or better yet – hear first-hand by joining us for dinner.

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