eToro Traders’ and The 30 Plus Blog Collective Network Dinners #AfterDinnerRoundup

This week, our members have had the pleasure of joining launch dinners, with eToro’s first Traders’ Network dinner hosted by their CEO and Founder, Yoni Assia, and London Beauty Queen’s Hayley Carr celebrating the launch of The 30 Plus Blog Collective over dinner. A great crowd at both dinners, here’s what happened: etorotraderseToro Traders’ Network Dinner
Dining with a group of key players at eToro, a selection of their website’s social traders spent an evening at Mint Leaf Lounge speaking extensively about international trading markets. James Hughes, Chief Market Analyst at eToro provided the after-dinner talk and kept the topic relevant to current news by discussing the differences between China and the UK/US trading markets. With China’s stock market falling through the floor, and being a country that’s a big exporter of goods, it means that they will undoubtedly continue to face struggles.

Some of the more interesting points noted by James were that the US has been applying currency intervention for the last 10 years, shareholders in China make up 90% of the countries population, and that there are decisions being made by non-financial economic workers at the People’s Bank of China – with the effects of these decisions being quite noticeable by those paying attention. eToro will be hosting future dinners for their network of social traders, a great way to hear from those in the know about key stock market trends and predictions.

30plus2Hayley Carr, aka London Beauty Queen, to celebrate her launch of The 30 Plus Blog Collective
Hayley Carr hosted her dinner at Pescatori on Tuesday, and discussed the inspiration behind the 30 Plus Blog Collective and the plans for its future and what makes it so unique. Previously working within the industry has allowed her to provide the readers with honest perceptions and critiques regarding the products, instead of only being fed what a company’s marketing team has disclosed. There are currently 400 people in the collective, and is still growing! One of the main topics raised at the dinner was how the blog opened up a new age of conversation, which challenged perceptions and put them back on the agenda. Hayley described how this inclusive and positive movement is predominantly led by bloggers, which was encouraging for the diners, fellow bloggers and PR reps, to hear.

Our speakers were joined by: SilkFred, TreatNOW, MyBeautyMatches, Mrs Jonas Recommends, USPAAH, I Heart Beauty, The Beauty Hype, Taylor Made Beauty, Fighting Fifty, Found Some Paper, Russell & Bromley, Very Chic Geek, Rosalilium, Loved By Laura, Dream1ncolour, The Bookish ReaderTea, Cake & MakeMelissa Jane LeeLife & Lumes, The Body Shop, Blue Badge Style, 4D Data Centre and Solar Seeder amongst others.

Special thanks to our speakers James Hughes and Hayley Carr for making both evenings enjoyable for all.

For those of you who are new to TableCrowd – take a look at the full list of upcoming TableCrowd dinners and make sure to  have a look at our video to see what it’s like when you join us for dinner:

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