Top Tips on How to Charm the Fashion Press

fashion-show-nyc_6880_600x450Our Fashion Press dinner last week was full of valuable nuggets of information for securing media coverage for fashion brands, whether you use a PR company or contact them directly. Alison Levy, Global Director of Brand Development at Fashion GPS provided the PR perspective insight, whilst Tansy Aspinall, co-founder of Tada & Toy, highlighted the key elements from a brands point of view.

Alison’s Top Tips

  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Bloggers are always looking for unique content – make sure yours is
  • Lots of brands want to launch when they’re not ready, they expect press when they don’t have the content or the means to sell their product – don’t do this!
  • Stay organised and think outside the box

Tansy’s Top Tips

  • Be different and have unique selling points – Tada & Toy is a luxury brand with accessible prices, produced by an ethical company with a charity conscience. They use clean packaging with a card inside that explains each pieces’ story
  • Sometimes it pays to hire a PR company
  • Gifting works but do your research – Send earrings to the Editor’s Assistant, making sure she wears them (‘stalking’ on Facebook and Instagram is acceptable when trying to establish this!)
  • Be realistic about your product – what publications does it fit with? You only get ONE chance with A LOT of these publications
  • Be 100% satisfied and ready to launch

When discussing which PR firm to choose, Tansy had a great piece of advice on how to find the right one. Look at brands you like, research who their PR agencies are and target them specifically. Of those who are interested, shop around for the best one that understands your brand and vision. This process worked for them as they managed to be featured in Vogue just before Christmas which had a massive impact on their sales.

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