JustPark and Tribesports – Next Week’s dinners

150527 NWDWe’ve had an immensely busy week of dinners so far this week, covering everything from wedding and property tech, to street food, media coverage, investment and of course, playing the stock market. Next week, we see May’s dinners culminating with a fitness industry dinner on Tuesday and a sharing economy one on Wednesday.

After dinner talk from the Co-Founder of Tribesports
As part of our fitness dinner series, we have the pleasure in welcoming Andrew McDonough, CTO of Tribesports to this month’s dinner. He will share Tribesports story in an after dinner talk and informal Q&A.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Tuesday 26 May at The Green, Clerkenwell

Sharing economy dinner with JustPark
After securing the largest ever equity crowdfunding round in UK history, it’s safe to say the CEO of JustPark knows a thing or two about the sharing economy, building a community and securing investment. Find out more from Alex, a global expert on the world-wide trend of sharing when you join him for dinner on Wednesday.
Dinner is at 6:45pm on Wednesday 27 May at Jamie’s Italian Piccadilly, Soho

Click here to see a full list of our upcoming TableCrowd dinners.

For those of you who are new to TableCrowd – have a look at our video to see what it’s like when you join us for dinner:

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