After dinner roundup: International Women’s Day with Ogunte CIC

As a business with a female CEO, we’re obviously huge ambassadors for women social entrepreneurs. So a dinner celebrating international women’s day was really a no-brainer for us. Facilitated by Servane Mouazan from Ogunte CIC, the evening was extremely successful and everyone clearly enjoyed themselves immensely. There was plenty of selfie-taking and inspirational talk between the various female CEOs, founders and high-level career women that joined us.

Conformity is mediocrity

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Diners included: ClearlySo, PTAsocial, Space Synapse Systems, Ogunte CIC, Insane Logic, LEYF, Third Door, Soul of Africa shoes, London Farmers’ Market, Inspired Escapes, goodbeans, Dream Learners, Sweet Cavanagh, Mazi Mas amongst others.

Here are a few snippets from the evening:

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Thank you to both Servane and June for their rousing and inspiring speeches and for facilitating this dinner.

Check out our upcoming dinners here.

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