Announcing Dinner with Alastair Creamer / New Year New Start Are You in the Right Job?

With the New Year always being a time for change and doing new things, we’re hosting dinner on that very topic on Wednesday 14th January 2014. We’ll enjoy dinner and drinks with the leading creative thinker coach and energetic Eyes Wide Opened co-founder Alastair Creamer revealing the most powerful questions to ask yourself ahead of a big career decision.

Alastair Creamer is an encouraging speaker and brilliant career coach who will get you thinking about who you are becoming if you stay in a job you don’t enjoy, and what impact is it having on the people closest to you? With over 10 years inspiring people, Alastair will be able to give you insights to what kind of work suits you, creating a more meaningful job, what’s next and making sure you’re asking yourself the right questions about your career not the wrong ones.


TableCrowd are really excited to work with Alastair on this dinner, but here are a few snippets from his previous events which give an insight into to why we don’t think you’ll want to miss out.

“This was really useful stuff – I loved the idea of a ‘good question’ being asked at the right time which can change your life and outlook on work.”   

“It was very inspirational – I am in the right job!”

“It was good brain food and food for thought. The stories Alastair used made the event really grounded in reality. Thank you.”

Whether you want new challenges in your current role, a new career or just a little inspiration from this career guru make sure you book your spot at the table. We’ll be eating at chic Southeast Asia restaurant, The Noodle House on Wednesday 14th January.

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