TableCrowd launches new look, fully mobile responsive website with a bunch of new features

Before starting work on our iPhone & android Apps, we decided that it was important to re-launch our website using responsive web design. Responsive web design is the concept of designing one set of web templates where the layout of the page adjusts depending on the screen size they are viewed on, whether for example, viewed on mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

For our users, this means that it is way easier to browse tables and book lunches and dinners on the go. It’s version 1 remember, so expect to see refinements and improvements over the coming weeks.

So what else is new?

> Add dinners directly to your calendar (either as a reminder to rock up or a reminder to book on nearer the time).

> Slicker interface for setting up your own lunches and dinners – in fact, it will take you less than a minute!

> Restaurant recommendations to help you choose where to book a table.

> Real time notifications of new message and invites.

> More choice – join and signin with Linkedin and Twitter as well as Facebook.

We’ve been working really hard over the last few months to bring you these updates and there are many more improvements on the horizon. Please do contact us with feedback, good or bad (although we prefer good!) and with your suggestions of what you would like to see next on the site.

You can reach us at or tweet us @tablecrowd.

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