Archipelago – The Land Of Exotic Meats

I had never eaten Crocodile or Kangaroo, so when I sat down to inspect the menu, I knew from the outset I was in for a new culinary experience of some kind – good, bad or strange, was yet to be decided.

The table was one of our Hungry Romantic tables, and we were 5 intrepid explorers venturing forth to discover whether the exotic could be erotic. As a venue Archipelago is cozy and eclectic, the walls strewn with ornaments from the orient and beyond and the tables decorated with designed but mismatching glassware. When the waitress delivered my beer and began to pour it into the glass, I flinched to grab it from tumbling over, until I realized that the base was set at a 20 degree angle – a glass built like the Leaning Tower of Pisa is as unusual drinking experience in itself.

Eager to try new things, I ordered crocodile wrapped in vine leaves to start and spiced kangaroo for main. The crocodile was fantastic – to my mind it tasted at once like chicken and tuna (others disagree). However, the kangaroo was disappointing, I don’t think the ‘meat’ itself is a great one, tough, sinewy, no real flavor – caked in spices, it came across as poor meal dolled up in exterior flavor.

Overall, I would go again. Zebra still lurks un-tasted.

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