Dining. Differently.

Our love of food and fine dining dates back to Ancient Rome. This important aspect of human social interaction has, consequently, had an age to develop, mature, and be a way of life. With such a diverse culture within the city of London we are privileged to hold so many different eateries to choose from. The recent trend is to offer something unique, whether it be the food we eat, the environment we eat in or a quirky blend of both.

Dining in Ancient Rome

Have you ever thought of dining in the dark? If not you may want to think again. Ever heard of one sense being heightened when another doesn’t function as it should? Well Dans Le Noir captures the unusual and offers us something intriguing. You eat in the pitch dark (which for some may be exactly what’s required on a date) and are served by partially-sighted or blind people. Extract the sense of sight and the taste buds have the potential to go into overdrive. Dividing food groups in the simple – meat, vegetarian, and seafood lovers, the menu is a surprise as is the idea you are genuinely in an environment that, to those with full site, is unusual.

Dans Le Noir

From the dark to an abundance of light comes Gilgamesh. Referred to as an ‘epic’ restaurant it screams Babylonian environment anywhere and everywhere you are seated. The retractable roof allows light to flood in and increases the feeling of generous space. This is extravagance at it’s best. It’s glamorous and contemporary, visually stunning and, as yet, you’ve not even seen the menu! Head Chef Ian Pengelley offers a Pan Asian masterclass selection (you can see the man at work from the main restaurant). With entertainment that matches the bar and lounge’s decor, Gilgamesh is an awe inspiring evening never to forget.

Gilgamesh Restaurant

So having touched upon the dark to the boundless light why not step off Tera Firma altogether and head out to sea for a uniquely satisfying dining experience. The view, of course, ever changing as you navigate your way down a wonderfully lit Thames enjoying fresh scenery. These cruises will take you past the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, the Docklands and the Millennium Dome. Visit Thames Dinner Cruise – their menu is excellent. Captain Ahoy! Mine’s the Grilled Mullet washed down with a nice red and a Bitter Almond Crème Brûlée for dessert. How about you?

Thames Cruise

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