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What to expect at dinner?

You’ll see two types of dinners listed. Dinners hosted by us and dinners hosted by our members. Read on for what to expect at dinners hosted by us and for dinners hosted by our members, they’ll definitely be food and good company but please read the host’s description for all the other details.

There’s something about sharing a meal that helps people relax and allows lasting relationships to develop. That’s why you’ll usually find shared plates at our dinners - expect to tuck in and serve yourself and your fellow diners.

We want you to meet as many people as possible when you dine with us. Our venues are carefully selected to allow pre and post dinner mingling – and seat moves and quick-fire round the table intros form an integral part of the experience.

Our dinners are either based around an industry, in which case you can expect everyone attending to be relevant to you, or they are focused around a topic or theme. We often have an after dinner speaker and Q&A with an industry expert or successful company founder. They always dine with us so you can chat with them one on one. It’s always relaxed and informal and the Q&A often gets quite lively.

Please check the description for the price, what’s included, who’s invited and other details. You can also see who else is going, or interested in going to dinner.

Expect to end the evening with much more than a stack of business cards. You will have really “met” the other diners and you’ll know something about them and their businesses. You’ll be comfortable picking up the phone to them weeks or months afterwards. It is this depth of connection that allows relationships to flourish, partnerships to build and collaborations to happen.

Our goal is to create enjoyable and valuable private dining experiences for you. Once you have dined with us, we go the extra mile to make sure we connect you with relevant people in our community. We might ask to interview you for our blog or invite you back as a speaker. We believe that networks are vital for success and that there is no better way to build them than over food!

We are supported by a wonderful network of partners who often attend our dinners. We have selected them carefully to ensure they are relevant to our members. We hope you enjoy meeting them.

Join us for food & thoughts.

Let’s #MeetandEat

Kate Jackson

Co-founder & CEO