Arnie 15 Jan at 4:56pm

Thank you all for joining, I look forward to meeting you tonight!

George 15 Jan at 3:50pm

Hello all, looking forward to being with you this evening.

Table Crowd 15 Jan at 2:45pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

Von 15 Jan at 2:43pm

Hello, I look forward to seeing everyone this evening. I'm a chartered architect who is working on Pitch Your Concepts, a B2B proptech platform helping businesses who work with architects find the best architecture practice for their next project.

I look forward to hearing your insights about the proptech / real estate tech industry as well as raising investments which we are looking at this year.

Antony 15 Jan at 12:36pm

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. Happy to chat about regulated property exchanges as we go

Clive Bonny 15 Jan at 11:31am

Hi I'm at Tablecrowd tonight and in property development. Happy to chat if you or colleagues may be interested in
cheers clive

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Utsav Goenka 12 Jan at 11:49am

Hello everyone , looking forward to attending the dinner

12 Jan at 11:48am

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Vilija 06 Jan at 3:00pm

Hey, I've spent some 10 years in real estate private equity and recently changed scene to tech. Looking forward to the dinner!

06 Jan at 2:53pm

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Antony 20 Dec at 3:15pm

Hi All,

Mid-January seems a long way away... but I look forward to meeting all of you and hearing our respective proptech interests.

Go well.

Antony Abell.

20 Dec at 3:13pm

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Antony 20 Dec at 3:10pm

... trying to join this table.... Site is down!

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Clive Bonny 11 Dec at 3:02pm

Hi all I'm Clive Bonny from raising £500K for zero carbon healthy ellipsoid buildings from home garden offices to classrooms. Check us out and say WOW

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