Davina 28 Jul at 9:46am

Hi Ladies

I really enjoyed my first TableCrowd gathering and thanks to Claire and Josie for their impeccable hosting.

It was great to meet you all and thanks also to Darshana for a very entertaining and informative talk. Loved hearing her story so far, much more to come!

Very happy to connect on Linked In too and other platforms and hope to see you all again 😀

Happy Friday!

Angela 23 Jul at 4:25pm

Hello Ladies,

I really enjoyed meeting you at Vinoteca. It was very inspiring to hear about all the different businesses you run, and how you got started. I hope to see you at another table soon.

Don't hesitate to connect on LinkedIn if you want to continue chatting, or want some tech advice for your business :)

Until Next Time,

Stacia 21 Jul at 10:13pm

Hello Diners!!! I had such a brilliant time with you all. Discovering Darshana's Luxury journey. Great conversation and Darsh didn't disappoint with load of sage advice and some lovely practical exercised slipped into her talk - she tells a good story and delivers a quality experience to her clients. I bow to your genius and learn from your story.

Darshana 21 Jul at 2:38pm

Thank you Claire and Josie for hosting the table and the incredible women who joined the talk. Was lovely to meet you all :)

Table Crowd 19 Jul at 2:45pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

18 Jul at 7:01pm

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Cat 18 Jul at 12:48pm

Hi! I'm Cat of TheCreativeIntrovert.com and I help my fellow creative introverts overcome the obstacles they face in getting their work seen, shared and sold.

I can't wait to #MeetandEat with you!

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