Claire 25 Jan at 3:38pm

@John, that's the best pun! Made me chuckle out loud.
@Douglas, get Rob talking about food and there is no stopping the conversation!
I have sent feedback emails today to you all...we love the number 5! See you all again soon and thank you for being a great crowd to host.

John 25 Jan at 3:04pm

It was a Brexellent Evening (well, someone had to). Much thought-provoking discussion, well run and great food.

Douglas Lloyd 25 Jan at 3:01pm

Thank you Claire for organising such a great evening and Matt for spending the time to meet us all. Great to meet everyone. Seemed to discuss food more than anything else! We keep children safe online @ Azoomee - please contact me if you are interested in partnerships, investment or a free trial of Azoomee.

Rob 24 Jan at 11:53pm

Great evening people - anyone that's interested in combining tech and food products - let's connect. Rob

Table Crowd 24 Jan at 3:15pm

Have fun tonight - ask for TABLECROWD when you arrive and please tweet @tablecrowd to tell us how it's going #MeetandEat

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Stewart 09 Jan at 2:49pm

Hi everyone. Saw Matt speak to the insurance industry @ Lloyd's of London last year on why we needed to stay in the EU, so I’m interested to see and hear what he thinks on how we can now get the best out of a post Brexit world for Digital, Fin/InsurTech and creative technology in the UK. Also keen to hear everyone else’s contributions and thoughts.

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